About FILN

FILN specialize in manufacture of various Electronic Components

Metal push button switch,indicaotr light,rocker switch, toggle switch, foot switch, tact switch, micro switch and so on.

We are an indicator light factory with professional production for 12 years and rich experience in export for 10 years.

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Our Service

We have a strong research and development team,averagely developing 4-5 new models of indicator light per month.

  • Indicator Light
  • Push Button Switch
  • Rocker Switch
  • Foot Guitar Switch

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We believe it’s our mission to boost our customer’s business, and then our customers will reward us with leadship sales and long-term relationships.


Asked Questions

  • What are the lights on the indicator light?

    Our indicator light has 3 kinds of lamp beads, which are A-level LED, double-core LED, and Neon bulb

  • What are the link methods for the button switch?

    Our push button switch has 2 connection methods, which are pin and wire

  • What are the button buttons for the button switch?

    There are 2 kinds of button modes for the button switch, which are self-resetting and self-locking.

  • Is the 3PDT switch with light?

    We have the 3PDT switch with lights and the 3PDT switch with no lights.