There are many types of indicator lights on the market. Generally, the size, style and color of the corresponding indicator lights are selected according to the characteristics of the product.
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                Indicator lights are very common in life. As a way of information interaction, the current status of the device can be seen intuitively with the naked eye. How to choose the most suitable indicator light is a very important thing. As an indicator light manufacturer, we have the following suggestions.

                1. How many size indicator lights do you need:

                This question mainly depends on the requirements of the product you are developing or producing for this indicator light.

                Generally speaking, the size of the device can directly determine the size of the indicator light.

                The larger the device is, the larger the indicator light you need should be correspondingly larger, otherwise, it will be difficult to find and judge the operation of the device on the device.

                On the contrary, the indicator light on small devices will appear very mini, and the smallest indicator light size is a 6mm LED indicator light. It is perfectly suitable for use on small devices and toys such as irons, toy cars, hair dryers, etc.

                In the end, it's no problem to just choose an indicator light that is the same size as the mounting hole.

                indicator light size 

                2. What kind of pilot light material and style do you need:

                2.1 Material selection:

                When your device is running, it will continue to heat up to a certain extent, then we recommend that you choose a metal indicator light. This type of indicator light has a high temperature resistance degree to ensure that it will not be damaged during use, the device can continue to work normally. (Some plastic indicators can also be used in high temperature environments, please contact customer service for your recommendation.)

                Plastic indicator lights are suitable for use in most normal temperature environments, and the relative indicator lights are cheaper than metal indicators.

                Metal pilot lights are available in brass, stainless steel and nickel plated.

                Metal indicator material
                • The brass uses H59 copper. Its advantages are high strength, high hardness and good plasticity.
                • The nickel plating is beautiful and can be used as decoration, but the process is slightly complicated, the color is silvery white and yellow.
                • The corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials.
                • The zinc alloy can be electroplated in various colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black, making the LED indicators look as beautiful as wearing clothes.


                plastic indicator material

                The color of the plastic indicator housing is available in a variety of options. of ways.

                • Variety of styles, large selection space.
                • Easy to customize and fast to produce.
                • Cost-effective plastic indicator lights.

                2.2 Choice of styles:

                Some manufacturers have certain requirements for the appearance of indicator lights. Different styles of indicator lights installed in the same device will have different effects. The effect here is not only the aesthetics of the device but also the lighting effect after lighting.
                The metal indicator light currently has three styles: flat head, concave head and high head. The flat head is only about 2mm higher than the surface of the device, which can fit the device well. Situation to decide.

                There are relatively many styles of plastic indicator lights, and there are no fixed requirements for use. They can be freely selected according to the appearance of the device.
                If you still can't find a satisfactory indicator light, please contact us and tell us your needs, we can customize the production for you.

                indicator style

                Three Classic Indicator Styles
                • The flat head is suitable for use on most devices, and it is beautiful and not obtrusive.
                • The concave head has a more concentrated effect, and the indicator light is more obvious.
                • The high-head indicator is suitable for some places where the surface of the device is already protruding.

                Plastic indicator style

                Plastic indicator lights have a variety of appearances
                • Different appearances of the indicator lights will have different effects after installation.
                • The style of the indicator light can be selected according to the company or device style.
                • Installation of distinctive styles can be significantly different from other similar products.


                2.3 Car indicator lights

                LED indicator light can not only distinguish signals by color but engraving a pattern or LOGO on the surface of the flat-head indicator light will be another feeling.

                Like the instrument panel on various vehicles, it is also made up of malfunction indicator lights with various symbols.

                Different malfunction indicator lights represent different meanings. Generally, the mounting hole of the indicator light of the car is relatively small, and the size of the indicator light selected is generally 8 mm.

                Take the car indicator lights as an example:

                malfunction indicator light

                Dashboard warning light A red indicator light on a dashboard indicates
                Direction indicators Turn indicators are only green, less red.
                Oil indicator light Yellow means the fuel tank is below the tick mark, and red means there is no fuel left.
                Battery indicator light  Red means that the car battery is dead or damaged and needs to be repaired in time.
                Hazard warning lights Red means the vehicle is in double flash mode.
                Washer fluid low It's usually yellow, which means it's almost out of the glass of water.
                Parking brake light When you park and pull the handbrake, it is normal for the red light to light up.
                ABS warning When the ABS anti-lock system and the security indicator light are on, it means that there may be a problem with the brakes of the car, please check-in time.

                If you don't need these car instrument indicator lights and want to customize the symbol pilot light, please contact us immediately, and the factory will provide you with a solution immediately. Contacts us:

                Just keep in mind that a flashing red light indicates an emergency. Please be sure to confirm the safety and solve the fault before driving the vehicle.


                3. The voltage of the pilot light

                The voltage depends on the use environment of your device, and the voltage in different countries will also be different. The indicator lights and voltages sold here are commonly used in the market. The voltage you need can be purchased directly, and there is nothing you need. Voltage, please contact us.

                As an indicator light manufacturer, we are fully capable of producing indicator lights with special voltages according to your requirements, please rest assured.

                LED voltage customization1. You can tell us the voltage you want; 2. Confirm the color of the indicator light with you; 3. The indicator light starts mass production (1-3 days); 4. Ships immediately after testing.

                4. Indicator light color

                LED indicators rely on the internal LED lamps or light-emitting diodes to emit light, so the LED indicators on the market also have two differences compared to the neon indicators, mainly because the selected light sources are different.

                There are usually five colors of lights: red, yellow, green, blue, and white. The indicator manufacturer can custom-make other colors for you, such as purple, orange, dual color indicator lights and three-color indicator lights.

                Under normal circumstances, the meaning of the color of the indicator light:

                Light color  Meaning
                Red Stop / Danger Signal / Energized / Fault
                Green Everything is OK/Connected to Power/Running/Good
                Yellow Standby/Problem Occurs/Pause
                WhiteBlue  Merchant customization (look for the meaning in the manual)

                In fact, there are many meanings of the color of the indicator light. Different devices have different indication functions. Please refer to the instruction manual of the device for details.

                5. Waterproofing and certification of indicator lights

                Indicator light certification

                Indicator lights are frequently used on kitchen equipment, and kitchen equipment is easily exposed to water in the kitchen environment, so the waterproof effect of indicator lights is also significant.

                The effective waterproof indicator light won't fail in the presence of water, and it won't cause any harm to the equipment, making it safer.

                FILN's indicator light will produce products with different waterproof grades according to your requirements.
                If you have no requirements for waterproofing, we will produce quality-assured products for you.
                If your waterproof requirements reach IP67/IP68 waterproof, we will strictly produce and test before leaving the factory.
                Therefore, we have applied for various indicator certificates to ensure that our buyers can get reliable indicators.

                6. Other questions about indicator lights

                MOQ for LED indicator lights:

                There is no MOQ on this website, please place an order directly according to your needs, if you encounter any problems, please contact our customer service staff.

                Delivery of the indicator light:

                After receiving your order, we will transfer the goods from the warehouse immediately, and the customized products take about 2-3 days to produce.

                Shipping time Ships within 1-3 days.

                After-sales service of indicator lights:

                If you encounter any problems with the LED indicator light you received, contact us immediately. We will work with you to resolve any problems that you may have.

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