Tricolor Metal push Button Switch with Line

by leoZhu on November 10, 2022

Many of our customers have special needs for 3-color metal push buttons switch or indicator lights, such as mixing colors, emitting various colors.

According to the needs of customers, we have designed a red, green and blue 3-color LED ring-shaped metal push button switch with light! These chromed metal push button switches are durable and stylish looking.

When the panel needs to show various system statuses, such as: turned on, function running, abnormal signal, low battery, stop warning, need to pay attention to processing or flashing reminder...

In the past, multiple indicator lights were usually used to complete these functions. Not only does it take up panel space and is dazzling; now, you can achieve the same effect on an LED lighted metal switch, directly saving you the use of other indicators.

Introduction of 19MM button switch:

The size of this metal button is 19mm. Just drill a 19mm hole in any material up to 0.45" thick and you'll fit them in place - there's even a rubber gasket to keep water out of the case.

On the front of the button is a flat metal actuator surrounded by a ring of plastic red, green and blue LEDs.

On the back there are 4 metal contacts for the RGB LED ring (one anode and 3 cathodes for red, green and blue) and 3 1 normally open and 3 normally closed contacts for the switch.

To use the red, green and blue LEDs:

Power the anode with 3-6V and pull the designated contact to ground as needed to light up the red, green and blue LEDs - there is a built-in resistor.

If you want to use a higher voltage, such as 12V or 24V, just put a 1K ohm resistor in series with the LED cathode to keep the LED current around 20mA.

You can PWM modulate the RGB pins to make any color you like.

If you need, we can adjust the voltage for you, we can do it in the range of 3~380v.


Can specify terminal common anode/common cathode wiring type

We provide two wiring options of common anode or common cathode, which can be requested in advance according to the suitable method of the product system circuit, and we will provide the customer-specified multicolor terminal polarity style when shipping.

1. Common Anode Wiring

Connect the anode/positive pole of the power supply to the terminal of the common light pin, and connect the cathode/negative pole of the power supply to any one of the remaining 3 pins, and the light color of this pin will light up immediately.

 2. Common Cathode Wiring

Connect the cathode/negative pole of the power supply to the terminal of the common light pin, and connect the anode/positive pole of the power supply to any of the remaining 3 pins, and the light color of this pin will light up immediately.


When we planned the multicolor indicator light button switch, we designed the LED of the switch as an "indicating function", so it is our priority design consideration that the LED on the switch can appropriately notify the user of the current system status.

No matter two-color or three-color, no matter red-green-blue or red-green two-color, only a single light color will be displayed on the luminous circle at the same time, blue light is the same blue light, no need to consider turkey blue, Tiffany blue, no mixed color tone Color; we make the use of the switch more intuitive and convenient, and simply and quickly light the color of the light needed at this stage~.

 Color-wise, an RGB pushbutton switch can have 7 different colors.

 Main three colors:red, green, blue,

  1. Red + Green = Yellow.
  2. Red + Green + Blue = White.
  3. Red + Blue = Purple
  4. Green + Blue = Light Blue

This color-changing function is customized, and the production method is a bit different from ordinary switches. By default, we generally produce ordinary red, green, and blue metal buttons. If you need the color mixing function, you need to confirm with us additionally.


Using the push button switch:

There is a SPDT switch inside the button. Looking at the bottom of the switch, the common contact is the one to the left of C. Above it are two spade contacts, one marked NO (normally open) and one NC (normally closed). When you press the button, the NO contact will close to the common contact and the NC contact will open from the common contact.

The switch and LED are electrically separated, so to change the color, use the microcontroller to read the contact pin and toggle the color control pin.

We also have corresponding wire harnesses to adapt to our metal buttons, which are convenient for customers to use. As long as you tell us some specific needs, we can customize it according to your needs.