12mm 2 Pin Flat Head Stainless Steel Metal Push Button Switch

by leoZhu on December 02, 2022

I have a Ukrainian customer who is a distributor. I received an inquiry from this customer from Alibaba in 2018. At first, the customer asked about a plastic button switch.

After a later conversation, I checked the customer's website and found that the customer also used this 12mm metal push button switch with a zinc-aluminum alloy black shell, so when quoting the plastic button switch, I also told the Ukrainian customer about this switch, and we can also make it. By the way, I also quoted the price to the customer.

At the beginning, we sent a few samples to customers, the customer's only requirement for the product is good quality and no scratches on the electroplating. After a month or so of testing, to meet the needs of customers.

The customer orders about 2,000 per month from January to February, and the cooperation has been so far. Although the number of customer orders has decreased due to the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine this year, I am still very grateful to the customer, and it is also related to the situation of the customer.

Below, we will introduce the product performance of this 12mm metal button.

This 12mm button switch has 3 types of metal materials, as follows:

  1. Stainless steel button switch, it is made of 304 stainless steel, which contains nickel material, so it has corrosion resistance function, suitable for outdoor and seaside use.
  2. Brass nickel-plated push button switch has the advantage of a beautiful appearance after electroplating. It is usually used in test equipment and automation equipment, and its price is much cheaper than the other two.
  3. Zinc alloy button switch, its advantage is that the metal surface can be plated in various colors, such as red, green, blue, black and so on. After electroplating, the appearance of the whole button is colored, which is very beautiful.
  1. 12mm button switch is PC and nylon PA66 material, which can withstand a temperature of 160 degrees. It is usually used in an environment between minus 40 degrees and 80 degrees.
  2. The pushbutton switch has a reset function, it is a normally open function, its contact point is a 2.5MM silver point, and its current can reach 2A. It is a pin design, and the bottom is filled with epoxy resin, which can reach IP65 waterproof function,
  3. The inside of the button switch is designed with a waterproof ring, and its waterproof level is IP65, which can be used indoors.
  4. The mechanical life of the button switch h is 500,000 times, and the service life is 100,000 times. 

12mm pushbutton switches work?

The button switch has two functions of self-locking and self-resetting.

1. Self-locking button switch means that when the button is pressed, the button will not return automatically, and the button needs to be pressed again by the finger to return to the original position.

2. The self-resetting button switch h is to press the button, press the button down, and when the handle is released, the button will automatically return to the original position.


 How to connect the button switch?

This push button switch wiring method is very simple. Connect the positive lead to one leg of the button and from the other.

As shown below:

Normally open connection method

Press the button to power on the load, release the button to power off. Same as the picture below.


Where is the button switch used?

General button switches are used in car modification, medical equipment, engineering instruments, access control switches, CNC molds, computer modification, commercial kitchens, electronic and electrical equipment, etc. The picture of the application scene is as follows:


Where to buy push button switch?

If you are interested in our products, or have special requirements, you can send us an inquiry. Our email address is inquiry@cnylin.com.cn . After receiving it, our company will arrange a special salesman to contact you and give us Your best service and price.

If the quantity of button switch h you need is relatively small, you can directly place an order on www.cnfiln.com, and we will deliver the goods on the same day.

Regarding the purchase of button switch, what are the payment methods?

Generally, our company accepts PayPal, T/T, Western Union, etc.

If you are an Alibaba buyer, our company can draft an order through Alibaba, and you can arrange payment through the link of the Alibaba order drafted by our company.


How to ensure the quality of push button switch?

The waterproof button switch produced by FILN company has passed the UL CE RoSH、ISO90001 quality management system certification, and also has a professional button switch testing laboratory to ensure the quality of the button.

FILN company has 11 years of button production experience, and a professional R & D technical team.

FILN company also produces other different styles of push button switches, as well as indicator lights, rocker switches, touch screens, etc.

If you have any questions about push button switch h, please contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.