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Push Switch With Terminal Pins Waterproof IP67 1no1nc LED Blue Momentary 12V 220V



FILN 22MM 24V 220V Emergency Stop Button Switch With Light

Emergency stop button switch with light can also be called “emergency stop button switch with light”, referred to as emergency stop button in the industry.

As the name implies, the emergency stop button switch with light is a measure that people can press this button quickly to achieve protection when an emergency occurs.

Use of emergency stop button

In various factories, eye-catching red buttons can be seen on some large and medium-sized machinery and equipment or electrical appliances. The standard ones should have a red font with the same meaning as “emergency stop switch with light”.

This kind of button can be collectively referred to as the emergency stop button switch with a light. This button just needs to be pressed down directly. You can quickly stop the whole equipment or release some transmission parts immediately.

If you want to start the device again, you must release this button, that is, you only need to turn it clockwise at about 45° and release it, and the pressed part will pop up. That is to “release”.

In industrial safety, it is required that all machines whose transmission parts directly or indirectly cause harm to the human body under abnormal conditions must be protected. The emergency stop button switch with light is one of them.

Therefore, the emergency stop button switch with light must be added when designing some machines with transmission parts. And it should be set on the surface of the machine that can be easily pressed by personnel, and there should be no obstructions.

This picture is a 22 mm more conventional emergency stop switch with light. We have 1NO1NC models, 2NO2NC models, as well as with and without lights, which can meet the needs of different customers.

The current machinery and equipment do not intelligently detect the surrounding environment and its own operating status at any time. It is still necessary for on-site operators to photograph the emergency stop button switch with light in an emergency to avoid major personal and property losses, but the emergency stop button switch There are several misunderstandings in the use of light.


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