19MM Custom 3 Colors Indicator Lights for Worldwide Sales

by leoZhu on August 12, 2022

The source of the three-color indicator light:

In June 2022, an American auto parts manufacturer came to us. They mainly do car modification, and they need to use many symbol indicators, such as seat belt indicators, oil indicators and so on.

There are many kinds of indicator symbols on the car panel, there are about 100 kinds, and the colors of the indicator lights are red, green, yellow, blue, and white. A large amount of inventory needs to be prepared for each purchase, and warehousing and pickup also become very troublesome.

Knowing the difficulties encountered by customers, FILN has come up with a good solution according to the needs of customers. We plan to customize a three-color waterproof symbol indicator light. This indicator light has the following three advantages:

symbol indicator light

1. First, we need to solve the customer’s inventory problem, so we choose to make three-color indicator lights. According to the daily use, we plan to produce two types of red, green, blue, red, yellow and white, which can effectively reduce the inventory quantity of the indicator lights that are not commonly used.

2. FILN thought of the problem of symbols on the basis of three-color indicator lights and developed an indicator light that can freely choose any symbol.

That is, we provide customers with a three-color indicator light, but the symbols on the indicator light can be chosen arbitrarily. We have prepared 180 common symbols to meet various needs in the market.


3. For this new indicator light, you only need to purchase one tricolor indicator light, and 180 symbols will be included in the package so that customers only need to buy 2 kinds of tricolor indicator lights, which completely solves the customer’s inventory question.

Features of indicator lights:

The biggest difference between the symbol indicator light and the ordinary LED indicator light is whether there is a symbol.

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The following introduces this custom 3-color symbol indicator light

1. The red, green and blue 3 colors symbol indicator light is made of metal materials. If you need other colors of metal shells, we can use zinc alloy materials to produce them. We can produce various colors through an electroplating process to meet the customer’s appearance.
2. The waterproof rating of the Indicator light is IP68, which can be installed on any device, even if it is used outdoors, it can also ensure that the indicator light will not be damaged by water leakage.
3. 3 COLORS INDICATOR LIGHT is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant material, its wire is made of Teflon wire, and the temperature resistance can reach 220 degrees.
4. The indicator light has 180 different styles and can be replaced at will, which is very convenient to use.
5. For different devices on the market, we have developed two sizes of indicator lights, 8mm and 12mm. However, because the size of the product becomes smaller, only monochrome can be produced.

6. In order to complete the installation of the indicator light faster, the color of the lamp bead of the product and the wire connecting the lamp bead is the same, the red lamp bead is represented by the red wire, as long as the red wire is connected correctly, the red indicator light will be light to up.
7. In actual use, the three-color symbol indicator lights can be illuminated in different colors under different circumstances; for example, when the fuel tank of the car reaches the warning line, the indicator light turns yellow, and the fuel tank is about to be exhausted, the red indicator light is on, and one indicator light is on. Lights can express two states.

What symbols are there to choose from?

We have selected some symbols that are used more in the market.
In particular, the indicator lights on the dashboard of the car are almost all included.
If there is no symbol you want here, and a certain quantity is reached, we can customize it for you, such as some custom symbols or the company’s LOGO.

Indicator Lights

How to buy a tricolor indicator?

19MM Custom 3 Colors Indicator Lights for Worldwide Sales

This three-color indicator light has been sold by Amazon and has attracted the attention of customers all over the world. You can directly place an order for purchase.

Or you can get in touch with us to provide you with customized production and more comprehensive services.

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